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Seize the Golden Opportunity of Luxury Beachfront Living

Welcome to Ophira, a symbol of unparalleled beachfront elegance on the Gold Coast’s renowned Jefferson Lane. Drawing its name from a Hebrew term signifying a rich source of gold and precious luxuries, Ophira encapsulates a rare and sought-after lifestyle.

Epitomizing coastal grandeur and contemporary elegance, Ophira extends an irresistible invitation to immerse yourself in Palm Beach’s coveted lifestyle. Here, the lines between barefoot luxury and the upbeat rhythm of cosmopolitan life are beautifully blurred.

Elevate your existence as you step into your whole floor apartment from your private entryway, ascend into a sanctum of serenity as meticulous design fuses with craftsmanship of purpose. Bask in the tranquil oasis of Ophira’s beachfront living.

Immerse yourself in an environment exuding refined elegance, wrapped in the comforting touch of high-end textures. Surround yourself with a harmonic ensemble of Natural Stone Tiles, Polished Lime Render, and Oak Timber—every detail is bathed in the delicate radiance of natural light, imparting a glow that compliments the exquisite decor.

Ascend to unparalleled coastal sophistication.

Discover a luxurious front-row invitation to the grandeur of the ocean at Ophira Palm Beach. Each expansive balcony is masterfully designed to deliver absolute beachfront living, extending seamlessly from your living area and master suite. From tranquil sunrise yoga sessions to intimate dusk soirees, your balcony sets the stage for an elevated lifestyle.

Developed, Crafted & Constructed by 5Point

With an illustrious reputation for excellence, 5Point ascends as the creator of Ophira Palm Beach. As both the Developer and Builder the visionary design is seamlessly harmonised with flawless execution. Recipients of multiple Master Builder Awards for their peerless work on similar developments, 5Point’s commitment to craftsmanship and luxury, provide confidence and a guarantee to discerning buyers seeking the pinnacle of coastal grandeur and opulence living. 

Cross the line where design and nature converge, immersing your senses into an ocean framed by panoramic floor to ceiling windows. Embrace the living area, embellished with nature-inspired accents and gleaming fixtures, evoking tranquility akin to Ophira Palm Beach.

Retreat to the tranquility of the master ensuite – every meticulous detail radiates comfort and allure. Unwind in sheer indulgence with a window-side bath under the calming sway of the mesmerizing ocean.

Take the next step towards transforming your lifestyle. Discover the detailed architecture, tailored interiors, and exclusive amenities Ophira Palm Beach offers.

This is your chance to live a life of rarefied coastal elegance.
“Drawing inspiration from the ebb and flow of the surrounding natural environment, the building’s composition emerges as a sculptural masterpiece, echoing the graceful movement of water and sand. Its design unveils a multi-layered ensemble of blade walls, each seamlessly overlapping to create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, while also evoking the ever-shifting coastal landscape.

In a seamless integration of nature and structure, verdant vegetation gracefully adorns both the podium and facade, further blurring the boundaries between the built environment and the lush surroundings. This thoughtful incorporation of greenery not only enhances the visual appeal but also serves as a living testament to the project’s commitment to environmental harmony.”

“Darren Greenway Director BDA”

Dive into the culturally rich Gold Coast offering an exciting mix of artisan coffee shops, bespoke retail therapy, and refined coastal culture – all at the doorstep of Palm Beach.

Explore the coastal-luxe collection at White Bohemian, savor your morning coffee at the renowned Barefoot Barista, and relish in the charm of lively Balboa Italian before indulging in an evening sundowner at Palm Beach Avenue.

Savor the fusion of refined dining experiences that Palm Beach’s flourishing restaurant and bar scene has to offer. The seamless connectivity paves the path for convenient local and international explorations. Your senses are set to be tantalized with culinary delights from exclusive establishments like Burleigh Heads’ Restaurant Labart, Burleigh Pavilion, and Rick Shores, to breezy eateries of Palm Beach such as Las Palmas, Frida Sol, and Balboa.

For those yearning for further adventures, the iconic town of Byron Bay awaits just 50 minutes away. At Ophira Palm Beach, every experience is elevated, imbuing each moment with the heart of lavish beachfront living.

Within easy reach of the southern Gold Coast’s vivacious culture, yet tucked away fom the bustle, Ophira is uniquely postioned to offer both beachside sanctuary and access to the stylish and lively enclaves of Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads, Miami, and Mermaid Beach.

Nestled within close proximity to iconic destinations such as Burleigh Heads, Mermaid Beach and Rainbow Bay, Ophira’s Palm Beach locale is an embodiment of the most coveted aspects of Gold Coast living, elevating it to an esteemed address that truly beckons the discerning few.

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